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VLP-Protein Conjugation Service

VLP-Protein Conjugation Service

As one of the world's leading providers of custom services, CD BioSciences works closely with clients and experts, with advanced facilities and experienced scientists, to develop cVLPs by linking proteins to VLPs through gene fusion or chemical conjugation. CD BioSciences is happy to meet the specific requirements of each client, providing the most appropriate solution and delivering high-quality results on time.

VLP-Protein Conjugation Service

When virus-like particles (VLPs) are linked to proteins by genetic fusion or chemical conjugation to develop chimeric VLPs (cVLPs), they can be used as vaccines or nanoplatforms to deliver drugs.

VLP-Protein as a Platform for Vaccine Development

As an effective vaccine development platform, the immunogenicity of virus-like particles (VLPs) in their native environment can be achieved by displaying other antigenic epitopes. VLPs possess a number of physical characteristics that make them more immunogenic than other subunit vaccines, two of the main physical characteristics being:

T cell-mediated immune response


VLPs are granular in shape and their surface has dense and repetitive arrays of epitopes. The granular nature of VLPs allows them to induce effective T cell-mediated immune responses through interactions with antigen presenting cells (APCs), particularly dendritic cells (DCs).

B cell-mediated immune response

Highly Dense Polyvalent Structure

VLPs are highly dense multivalent structural antigens that, in addition to inducing T cell-mediated immune responses, can be effectively presented to B cells, another key component of the immune system, and the size of VLPs facilitates their transport to the subcapsular region of lymph nodes to activate B cells. activation of B cells by VLPs does not require exogenous adjuvants, is more strongly excited than monomeric antigens, and effectively crosslinks B Activation of B cells by VLPs does not require exogenous adjuvants, is more strongly excited than monomeric antigens, and effectively crosslinks B cells with epitope-specific immunoglobulins (Ig).

Overall, although VLPs do not possess genetic material for viral replication and cannot cause disease, VLPs can both directly activate B cells without adjuvants, producing high antibody titers and long-lasting B cell memory, and be preferentially taken up by APCs, thereby triggering potent cytotoxic T cell responses.


VLP-Protein as a Nanoplatform for Drug Delivery

Delivering therapeutics to tumor cells via delivery platforms has the advantage of improving efficacy and reducing off-target effects. VLPs, as nanoscale delivery platforms, can be manipulated by gene fusion and chemical conjugation to simultaneously display targeting moieties, thereby bringing together multiple functions into a single therapeutic vector for delivery into the cellular environment.

Methods of VLP-Protein Conjugation

Genetic Fusion

Genetic fusion mainly refers to the use of biochemical methods to modify DNA sequences, introduce target gene fragments into host cells, or delete specific gene fragments from the genome, thereby changing the host cell genotype or making the original genotype enhanced.

Chemical Conjugation

  • Synthesis and processing of target protein
    After introduction of sulfhydryl groups into the synthesized protein of interest using N-succinimide S-acetylthioacetate (SATA), the protein was processed with hydroxylamine and SATA was removed by HCl prepared in PBS.
  • Synthetic cVLPs
    The processed protein was linked with the VLP constructed by the plant platform through a heterojunction linker to form cVLP.
  • cVLP verification
    Formation of cVLPs was confirmed by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting.

Our Services

CD BioSciences has a sophisticated VLPlantTM platform and extensive experience in providing cVLP development services by linking proteins to VLPs via genetic fusion and chemical conjugation.

Workflow of VLP-Protein Conjugation

Chemical Conjugation

Of course, CD BioSciences also offers you other services regarding our technology platform, including different plants to construct VLPs, VLPs purification, VLPs characterization assay, etc. If you are interested in our services, you can contact us directly, we are glad to hear from you and look forward to working with you.

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