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Chimeric VLP Development Service

Chimeric VLP Development Service

cVLPs are formed from VLPs and ligands through genetic fusion or chemical conjugation. As a leading global provider of custom services, CD BioSciences has advanced facilities and experienced scientists dedicated to cVLPs development services to help our customers develop vaccines, nanomaterials and diagnostic reagents.

Overview of cVLPs

Virus-like particles (VLPs) can be assembled spontaneously in the viral cycle or assembled when other heterologous expression systems express viral structural proteins. VLPs are constructed from proteins of a single virus, and chimeric VLPs (cVLPs) are generated when ligands (proteins, peptides or antibodies, etc.) bind to VLPs. Therefore, cVLPs refer to homologous or heterologous molecular fragments and functional RNAs combined with VLPs through genetic modification or chemical coupling.

Development of a cell line for the production of chimeric SARS-CoV-2 VLP.Development of a cell line for the production of chimeric SARS-CoV-2 VLP. (Kaewborisuth C, et al., 2022)

Functions of cVLP

The functions of cVLPs are suitable for various research purposes.

  • Immunogenicity of cVLPs with immunostimulatory molecules and biomolecular adjuvants (e.g., ligands, GM-CSF, etc.) will be greatly enhanced.
  • Specific cellular ligands on cVLPs give cVLPs the ability to be targeted, thus making them efficient and accurate perfect drug carriers for disease treatment.
  • cVLPs can also deliver CRISPR-Cas9 plasmids or other functional nucleic acids in vivo for genome editing or gene therapy.
  • cVLPs can be used as simple systems to study viral invasion and assembly as well as cell receptor specific peptide sequences.

cVLPs in Vaccines

cVLPs in Vaccines

cVLPs have been developed as promising vaccines, and in addition, through genetic engineering, cVLPs can be developed as bivalent or multivalent vaccines against multiple viral co-infections, as well as differentiate infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA) vaccines to differentiate vaccinated animals. The design of multivalent cVLPs vaccine should meet the following conditions.

  • Antigens bound to VLPs should be exposed on the surface of cVLPs without adversely affecting their stability.
  • The generated cVLPs can stimulate the body to produce protective antibodies against the bound antigen and the VLPs provirus.

Methods of cVLPs Development

Methods of cVLPs Development

Heterologous peptides or proteins are introduced to the surface of VLPs mainly by genetic fusion, as for other molecules they can be attached to the exterior of VLPs by chemical conjugation. This strategy allows the functionalization of the surface of VLPs, giving them new specificity, propensity or physical properties.

Our Services

As a customized service provider with advanced equipment and sophisticated VLPlantTM platform, CD BioSciences provides global customers with cVLP development services. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Advantages of Our Service

  • Experienced
    As a leading global provider of custom services, CD BioSciences has a long history of providing VLP development services to clients worldwide and is adept at solving difficulties and challenges encountered during the experimental process.
  • Excellent
    Throughout the service period, from project consultation to result delivery, we will stay in touch with you at all times to help you discuss the problems encountered in your experiments with our experienced scientists in a timely manner and update the solutions in real time to meet your needs.
  • High Efficiency
    We guarantee that your needs for the project will be met within your budget and that the project will be completed within your expected time frame.
  • High Quality
    CD BioSciences is committed to providing highly customized, top quality integrated solutions, and we are capable and confident in using the best experimental solutions to meet your needs.


  1. Kaewborisuth C.; et al., Chimeric Virus-like Particle-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Confers Strong Protection against SARS-CoV-2 Viremia in K18-hACE2 Mice. Vaccines (Basel). 2022, 5:1-19.
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