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Plant-based recombinant expression systems are promising platforms that offer many advantages compared to traditional mammalian, yeast, insect, and bacterial expression systems. CD BioSciences is a leading global provider of scientific research services and solutions with advanced technology and experienced scientists dedicated to building virus-like particles (VLPs) from VLPlant™ to meet the diverse needs of our customers. VLPs constructed from VLPlant™ can be used for vaccine production, drug vectors and the development of diagnostic reagents.

As a trusted outsourcing solution provider, CD BioSciences has served many satisfied customers from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories around the world.

Vaccine Development
Vaccine Development

VLPs offer many advantages in terms of safety, immunogenicity, antigen stability and manufacturing as a major platform to produce vaccines.

Drug Delivery System
Drug Delivery System

VLP is a nanoscale material that can be used as a vehicle to deliver substances such as drugs, proteins/peptides, DNA, and siRNA for disease treatment.

Viral Infection Diagnosis
Viral Infection Diagnosis

VLPs can be used as a positive control for virus detection, or as a coating antigen to develop ELISA for the diagnosis of virus infection.

Why Choose CD BioSciences?


Experienced: We have long provided global customers with the production, purification and modification of VLP through VLPlantTM platform, and are good at solving difficulties and challenges encountered in the experimental process.


Flexible: Our scientists will maintain close contact with customers, discuss problems encountered during the experiment in a timely manner, and update the experimental protocol to meet all your specific requirements.


High-Quality: We have the ability and confidence to provide the best experimental protocols for constructing VLPs through VLPlantTM platform to develop vaccines, drug delivery platforms and others.

As a business leader with state-of-the-art laboratories staffed by experienced scientists in the field, CD BioSciences is proud to offer our global clients flexible and reliable customized services to accelerate your research. Contact us today to learn how CD BioSciences can be a valuable resource and partner for your organization.

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