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VLP Characterization Service

VLP Characterization Service

CD BioSciences is a leading global company with advanced facilities and experienced staff. We are dedicated to helping our customers characterize virus-like particles (VLPs) constructed by plant platforms through biochemical, biophysical and biological methods. This helps our customers to develop vaccines, nanomaterials and diagnostic reagents.

Overview of VLP Characterization

  • Significance of Testing VLPs for Characterization
    The biochemical, biophysical and biological characterization of purified VLPs is an important component in the production of VLP-based vaccines, enabling the determination of product function, efficacy and stability. Characterization of purified VLP formulations is critical for the development of VLP vaccines. Poor characterization of VLPs for vaccine studies can compromise immunological data, thereby hindering VLP vaccine design and bioprocess development. In addition, characterization of VLPs subunits and aggregation propensity of VLPs are important quality checks for biomanufacturing processes and vaccine batch consistency.
  • Detection Content of VLP Characterization
    Characterization of VLP includes determining the amino acid composition, molecular weight, and purity of VLP. Functional and physical properties of VLP based on epitopes, such as size and polydispersity, help explore the efficacy and safety of VLP vaccines.

Methods for VLP Characterization


Biochemical Methods

The biochemical characterization of VLPs includes properties such as primary amino acid sequence, molecular weight, isoelectric point and purity.

CD BioSciences offers virtually all biochemical methods for VLP characterization, including MS (LC-MS and MALDI-TOF MS), SDS-PAGE and RP-HPLC. You can choose the service content that suits you according to your needs.

Biophysical Methods


In addition to detailed compositional analysis of VLPs based on plant platforms by biochemical methods, biophysical parameters of VLPs are obtained by biophysical methods. Biophysical parameters of VLPs, such as morphology, size and polydispersity, contribute to the study of the efficacy and safety of VLPs vaccines.

CD BioSciences offers almost all biophysical methods for VLPs characterization, for analyzing VLPs morphology, size, secondary structure etc. You can select related services by connecting.

Biological Methods


The biological characterization of VLPs is often conducted by analyzing the binding of functional epitopes of VLPs to a panel of specific monoclonal antibodies. This binding activity is a preferred indicator of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in vivo.

CD BioSciences offers biological assays (ELISA and SPR) for the ability to bind VLPs to antibodies. We are committed to providing a fast, high quality service at competitive prices to our customers worldwide. If you are interested in our services, please click on the link to the relevant service page for details, or you can contact us directly and we will reply promptly.

Why Choose CD BioSciences


Experienced: We have long provided global clients with a variety of biochemical, biophysical and biological methods to characterize VLPs constructed on plant platforms. In turn, help customers realize the development of vaccines, nanomaterials and diagnostic reagents based on VLPs.

Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment: Our laboratory is equipped with the latest and most advanced instrumentation to perform the characterization of VLPs with almost laboratory methods to suit your needs.


Customer-First: From the inquiry to the delivery of the results, we will respond to your messages in a timely manner, keep in touch with you all the time, and provide you with the best experimental plan.

CD BioSciences offers a wide range of services for the characterization and detection of VLPs constructed on plant platforms, including biophysical, biochemical and biological methods. We are committed to providing a fast, high quality service at competitive prices to our customers worldwide. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details and we will respond promptly.

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