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As the world's leading custom service provider, CD BioSciences has advanced equipment and experienced scientists dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality comprehensive solutions. We provide you with a variety of services for the construction of virus-like particles (VLPs) from plant platforms, including production, purification, modification and characterization assays to aid in the development of your vaccines, drug delivery systems and diagnostics for viral infections.

What is VLPlant™

VLPlant™ can synthesize expression vectors according to target genes provided by customers, and of course we can screen target genes for you. The vector containing the gene of interest is transformed into plant cells infiltrated in a transient expression system (mediated by Agrobacterium) to produce VLPs. Once plant growth is complete, we harvest the plant cells, isolate and purify the VLPs, and test them for biochemical, biophysical and biological characterization.

VLPs are nanoscale structures composed of assembled viral proteins that lack viral genetic material and are not infectious. Plant-based recombinant expression systems have many advantages over traditional bacterial, yeast, insect, and mammalian expression systems, such as no fermentation-related systems and expensive cell culture facilities and can be produced on a large scale. In addition, the plant expression system has a low risk of introduction of foreign human pathogens, as well as a low risk of contamination with bacterial endotoxins. Therefore, plant-based recombinant expression systems are promising platforms.

What VLPlant™ Provides

VLP Production

VLP Production

We offer you a variety of plant platforms to produce VLP, including N. benthamiana, A. thaliana, L. sativa and Alfalfa.

VLP Purification

VLP Purification

Our VLP purification services for you include clarification, concentration, purification and polishing steps.

VLP Modification

VLP Modification

We provide you with gene fusion and chemical conjugation methods to modify VLP constructed from plant platforms.

VLP Characterization

VLP Characterization

We provide customers with reliable methods (biochemical, biophysical and biological methods) for VLP characterization assays.

Application of VLPlant™

Vaccine Development

VLPs built on plant-based platforms can help you develop a variety of vaccines against viruses or bacteria for disease prevention.

Drug Delivery System

VLPs are delivery platforms with nanoscale structures that can deliver drugs, proteins/peptides, nucleic acids, and other substances for disease treatment.

Viral Infection Diagnosis

VLPs can be developed as a positive control for virus detection and can also be used as a coating antigen to develop ELISA for virus infection diagnosis.

Why Choose CD BioSciences


Experienced: We have long provided global customers with the production, purification and modification of VLP through VLPlantTM platform, and are good at solving difficulties and challenges encountered in the experimental process.


Flexible: Our scientists will maintain close contact with customers, discuss problems encountered during the experiment in a timely manner, and update the experimental protocol to meet all your specific requirements.


High-Quality: We have the ability and confidence to provide the best experimental protocols for constructing VLPs through VLPlantTM platform to develop vaccines, drug delivery platforms and diagnostic reagents for viral infections.

As a leading customer-focused biotechnology company, CD BioSciences is committed to providing a variety of services to customers worldwide to build VLPs through plant-based platforms, customizing solutions to help advance projects related to VLP-based vaccine development, drug delivery and diagnostic kits.

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