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Viral Infection Diagnosis

Viral Infection Diagnosis

The timely diagnosis of viral infection is of great significance for the rapid initiation of antiviral treatment and prevention to achieve effective epidemic prevention and control.

Methods of Diagnosing Viral Infections

At present, the diagnosis of viral infection mainly relies on laboratory detection techniques, including virus isolation and identification, viral nucleic acid detection, and specific antibody detection.

  • Virus Isolation and Identification
    Detecting the virus in a sample by culturing it in cells or embryos is the most traditional method for diagnosing viral infections.
  • Specific Antibody Detection
    The methods most commonly used to detect specific antibodies include hemagglutination inhibition assays (HAI), microneutralization or virus neutralization assays (VN), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), and Western blotting.

Among the methods used to detect specific antibodies, the ELISA method is simple, fast, safe, and inexpensive, and can be better adapted to the rapid detection of large-scale samples in the field. Furthermore, the safety profile is high when virus-like particles (VLPs) are used as ELISA-coated antigens. VLP-based ELISAs are widely used to measure antibodies or neutralizing epitopes with good specificity, reproducibility, and high sensitivity.

  • PCR
    PCR Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can detect virus-specific DNA or RNA sequences/genetic material. Compared with traditional detection methods, PCR has the advantages of strong specificity, high sensitivity, simple operation, and short time-consuming. PCR has revolutionized the field of infectious disease diagnostics. In viral testing, positive controls should be run concurrently with patient samples as a benchmark for monitoring and validating the accuracy of the test. Therefore, reliable positive controls are essential for PCR methods for virus detection. Among them, the VLP-based positive control has the advantages of good safety, high accuracy, good stability, and easy production.

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