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About VLPlantTM

Virus-like particles (VLPs) constructed on plant-based platforms can be produced on a large scale as plants can be grown cheaply and efficiently without the need for expensive cell culture facilities associated with fermentation systems. Additionally, the risk of plant introduction of foreign human pathogens is very low.

We offer a variety of plant platforms to construct virus-like particles, including Nicotiana benthamiana, Medicago rativa, Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa, among others.

We provide all steps associated with VLP purification, including clarification, purification and polishing.

When VLPs are used as delivery vehicles, their surfaces need to be extensively modified with a variety of biomolecules that provide specific cellular localisation for the VLP and reduce immune responses, with most modifications being by covalent linkage.

We offer VLP characterisation tests and biological characterisation services, including biochemical methods and biophysical methods.


Vaccine Development

VLPs offer many advantages in terms of safety, immunogenicity, antigen stability and manufacturing as a major platform for the production of vaccines.

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Drug Delivery System

Although VLPs are known for their immunogenic properties, they have recently been considered for other functions as nanoparticles, including their use in drug delivery and gene therapy.

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Viral Infection Diagnosis

VLP can be used as a positive control for virus detection, or as a coating antigen to develop ELISA for the diagnosis of virus infection.

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