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As a leading global provider of custom services, CD BioSciences is committed to providing the highest quality services through cutting-edge technology to meet each specific client requirement. We are looking for highly motivated sales managers, project managers, senior scientists and biotechnologists to join us. We offer a great work environment and competitive salary/benefits. We select individuals who can make long-term contributions to our company, master our work, and learn new skills.

Sales Manager, VLPlant™

  • Long-term Recruiting
  • Responsible for Sales of Virus-like Particle Services
  • Research Scientist, VLPlant™

  • Long-term Recruiting
  • Design and Operate Virus-like Particle Programs
  • Senior Scientist, VLPlant™

  • Long-term Recruiting
  • Responsible for the Research and Development of Virus-like Particle
  • Biotechnology Specialist, VLPlant™

  • Long-term Recruiting
  • Production and Research of Virus-like Particle Based on Plant Platform
  • Online Application

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